We buy and sell hundreds of records and CDs every single day. Our stock is constantly changing, an album that you saw in the rack at the start of the week might be gone by the next time you visit and have been replaced by something entirely different. This constant flow of stock is what makes many of our customers visit us as frequently as they can. Some come once a month, others once a week, some come twice a day. Whenever you visit you will find a huge range of music on a variety of formats. To help you find what you are looking for, the stock is arranged by type of music so for instance, if you are looking for soul music you won’t need to plough through racks of mainstream pop to find it. And if you are looking for mainstream pop well we can help you find that too.

Because we buy and sell so many items the likelihood of us having what you want is increased. One persons’ desirable record is another persons’ trash and vise versa. Just because a record or CD might be considered to be not collectible┬áit doesn’t mean that there is nobody actively looking to buy it. What makes us different from most second-hand record stores is that we will give every record and CD a chance to sell no matter how obscure or unpromising it looks. Our bargain basements are full of thousands of items that you will not see offered for sale anywhere else and because none of our regular stock is catalogued online you really need to come and browse the racks for yourself.